F - Creative Floral Design
Gift Bouquets & Arrangements
At Fleurtations we can cater for everyone, be it traditional Gift Bouquets, Aqua Bouquets or Modern contemporary designs.
As all our fresh flowers are sourced direct form Holland we are certain you will be pleasantly suprised at the value for money that we can offer.
Aqua Bouquets
Flowers hand-tied, in water, are extremely popular and an ideal gift for any occasion.
Hand-tied Bouquets
Flowers & foliages Hand-tied ready to be placed in a vase.
Limited Arrangement
Ideal for the more Exotic and statement flowers, they give a very modern, luxurious, designer look, without the price tag! 
In store we have a Gift Section where we have a variety of the above designs ready to buy.
Hand-tied Bouquets    from £15.00
Mini Aqua Bouquets     from £20.00
Limited Arrangements from £25.00
If you have any special floral requirements, please contact us or visit our store and we will endeavour to meet them.
We believe that the standard of floristry, quality and price of our flowers will be hard to beat.
So please, give us a try next time you need anything Floral!!
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